Re: Re: 1 image assigment 3

Duncan Rawlinson

You’ve done an excellent job with this photograph. The composition is very well done, the colors are well organized and your lighting is great. Not only that, but your ability to capture or “freeze” the bike in motion is terrific. As I’m sure you’re well aware after completing the assignment, this is no easy task.

From a composition standpoint, I really enjoy how you’ve tightened your frame by having part of a tree trunk on the right side of the photograph. This also adds a sense of depth to your photograph. Too many photographs are “flat” because they focus on one part of a scene (foreground, mid-ground or background). However, when you can use a little foreground, a little background and a little mid-ground in your photograph you effectively add “depth” which helps the viewer feel like they are “in” the shot.

A foreground is especially important if you want to create that feeling of depth, and the tree in the front really helps provide that feeling.

My only recommendation is to edit your composition slightly. Overall, the composition is great in this photograph. However, it’s a little too formal in its balance. By abiding by the rule of thirds your horizon line should be either 1/3rd up the page or 1/3rd down the page. In your photograph it’s almost dead in the center.

The photograph would have a more dramatic feel to it if you changed your horizon line to be off-center. The same goes for your main object (the motorcycle). You should place the driver at one of the intersection points of the golden ratio. While, the motorcycle is not in the center, it could still be a little more “off-center” to help further the composition and look of this photograph.

Other than that, I think this is a great photograph! Well done.