Re: Re: 1st assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Great assignment. This is actually something we haven’t seen for this assignment before. While most photographers so far have played primarily with composition and framing, often using a macro photograph as their “beauty”, you’ve chosen instead to use lighting as your primary change.

What I love about this is that photography is primarily about lighting. It’s the way light is recorded onto your CCD chip or film. It’s about how much light is available, the color the lights and how it’s hitting your objects.

Your assignment shows the dramatic impact that a simple flick of a switch can have on a photograph. There are a few important elements to notice in your photograph. It’s one thing to like your beauty more than your beast, but it’s another to be able to identify the reasons why.

In your beast photograph your lighting is flat and boring. The image lacks virtually all depth. There is a little bit of depth in the background and we can see some shadows, but other than that, it’s a very boring and flat photograph.

ON a similar note, notice how the shadows of the metal part of the lamp cast such dark shadows that they look like objects of their own. It’s very unflattering lighting. Similarly, in your beast photograph you’ve amputated your secondary objects at very inopportune times. For example, you’ve cut off a plant on the right side of the photograph at an awkward point. Your beauty photograph (although it amputates second objects), does so at much more thoughtful points.

The biggest changes is the depth and lighting gradient added to the photograph when you’ve turned the light on. The harsh shadows behind the metal are removed and the and the light source dissipates around the edges of the photograph making the making the orange hue change colors and gently fade to black. It’s a much softer and more dramatic photograph.

You’ve done a great job with this assignment. I look forward to seeing your next assignment.