Re: Re: Assignment 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello and thank you for your assignment submission.

It’s not a problem that you chose to do a macro photograph. It’s not wrong by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is important to notice why you are naturally gravitated towards macro photography to make your image more appealing. The important thing to realize here is that these things can be found in non macro photography as well.

The major things you are looking for were:
Color organization
Organized composition

While these things are much easier with macro photography, with practice you’ll soon be incorporating these elements into your non-macro photography as well.

At this point it is important to identify what you don’t like visually. In your first photograph you lack organization and your composition is poor. Your TV is “amputated” (cut off) by the left wall of the photograph, the image lacks any message, the colors are not organized and the balance is very formal (centered), making this photography lack the dramatic and artistic elements that are needed to make a photograph interesting.

You have however, fixed many of these elements in your second photograph. Now the challenge will be to incorporate these ideas into your non-macro photography.

Best of luck continuing with the course!