Re: Re: Assignment 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work with this assignment.

You’ve made two major corrections from your ‘beast” to your “beauty” that I’d like to point out. However, you also have a few interesting photographic elements that are present in your “beast” photograph as well. They need more attention, but I’ll mention them anyway so you know when to look for them in upcoming photographs.

For starters, you’ve taken a somewhat chaotic color environment and you’ve simplified it. you’ve gone from a color palette of red, brown, black, purple, green and then you’ve simplified it by the removal of red and the better organization of colors.

For example, your background is made up of the gradients of brown and white. They are presented as un-uniform lines which makes the background and interesting secondary object (rather than just dead space). Your foreground is made up of blacks, purples and greens.

Likewise, you’ve also improved your composition by removing unnecessary objects. For instance, there was a red dish in the background and an unidentifiable object in the bottom left corner that have been removed. Those elements didn’t add anything to your composition so their removal was important.

The one photographic element that I would liked in your “beast” photograph was your use of a “leading line”. You’ll learn in an upcoming lecture that leading lines help guide your audience’s eyes into a photograph. The also help provide a sense of depth because they often take up part of the foreground, middle-ground and background. This helps give your photograph the illusions of three dimensions.

You’ve used the fence as your leading line but the options are limitless. Look at the following photographs and their use of leading lines:


Overall, great work on your first assignment!