Re: Re: Assignment 1

Duncan Rawlinson

You have submitted two photographs for your first assignment.

I know it’s odd that the first assignment asks you to find something boring to photograph but hear me out on this one…

Your first photo shows a relatively mundane candle holder. So yes, job 1 of assignment 1 done! But that’s not the point of the assignment.

The goal is to take that boring object and make it look interesting.

You’ve done that exceedingly well here and I’m proud of you for doing so.

Here are a couple things you could do to improve this photograph:

1: Overwhelm
Beware of having large overwhelming elements in your frame that are out of focus. They can deter from your image. In this case you’ve used it as a sort of frame within a frame which is nice. Just be cautious when you do this. It works in this photo but be cautious when you do this. People don’t tend to like out of focus elements unless they are for a very good reason.

2: Symmetry
In an image like this if you have moved over slightly you could have lined everything up in a perfectly symmetrical image. Symmetry in photography is huge. There is something very pleasing about a symmetrical image like this:

Life by OiMax, on Flickr

In this case if you lined up your frame this way it may have been more pleasing to the eye.

3: Distracting Elements
Lookout for elements in your frame that are distracting and add no value. In particular in minimalist style photographs like this just be aware of everything that makes it’s way into the frame. The wire/floor or whatever this is, doesn’t add to the frame.

4: Horizon Line
Keep your photo’s ‘horizon line’ straight at all times unless you want to have it crooked for a reason. Notice how this photo is slightly crooked…

Overall you’ve done very well for your first assignment!

Now, in the future I want you to keep this in your mind when you are taking photographs. Keep this in mind when you are shooting things that are inherently boring AND interesting. Your photography will be more interesting if you intentionally make it more interesting!!

This is easier said than done.

See you on the next assignment.

Is everything going ok with the course so far?

Let me know!

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