Re: Re: Assignment 10

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello Rissa!

How are you on this fine day?!

I’m going to need you to re-shoot this one.

[attachment=0:3cjd035p]edited landscape DSC_0271.jpg[/attachment:3cjd035p]

The instructions for this assignment make a special not to say: “Your picture should take into consideration everything we’ve spoken about thus far. Take care with your composition and lighting”

In this case your composition has a very crooked horizon line and your photo’s exposure is off. I’m not trying to be harsh here but I know you can do better than this! 😉

Don’t get me wrong though, this had the makings of a nice image. Your choice to shoot in portrait (vertical) instead of landscape (horizontal) and the elements of this frame could have made a nice image. Unfortunately you we’re not setup for this shot properly.

One final note is that in a photograph like this you will need maximum depth if field.