Re: Re: Assignment 10 cityscape


You are absolutely right. This picture is scanned from my wall because I have been trying to find a shot that I could take that would show everything I learned in this assignment. Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near a city. Everything that I have done so far has been from scratch. This is the only picture that I used from my “library” because I wanted an opinion on how it related to the assignment. You have pointed out what you feel is wrong with the photo but you didn’t point out anything you liked. I have already taken pictures of the country and I have ample examples of that and I have recieved feedback on those photo’s and I am grateful. I wanted to know how I could improve on a “cityscape”. The examples you have shown me are confusing. The first photo has an object in the bottom right hand corner that seems to distract from the photograph. I am wondering when it is okay to amputate in a photo and when it isn’t. The second photograph also has an amputation. The tree has been cut off in the left hand corner. Do you think that was so that the tree matches the height of the building on the right hand side? Finally my shot was in portrait format and not in landscape which makes your final comment somewhat confusing. I took this photograph because I wanted to project how closely the two opposite subjects relate to each other. Notice the haze at the top of the photograph. That was smog. Also I liked the way the sun cast a shadow on the buildings but not on the ships. The “city” in this picture has a suttleness about it while the boats are clear and bright. I remember when I took this photograph and I remember how I felt when I took this photograph and when I look at it all those emotions come back to me. I was in awe of the stature of the buildings and the size of the boat in comparison to those buildings and how the two have similiar aspects of stature yet were so very different. I am also confused about the blurry look of the flowers in the front of the second photo and the clearity of the buildings in the background. Is that technique meant to draw the eyes away from the flowers and to the buildings? Would this shot look better had it been shot with a larger F stop and took away the depth of field in order to bring the viewers eyes toward the obviously opposite stuctures in the frame? I am anxious to hear what you think. Thank you again for the feedback on all the assignments. I see myself as more of a lifestyle photographer and setting up a frame under those conditions isn’t always easy to do because I never really know when it is okay to amputate a subject and when depth of field is distracting especially in a landscape or cityscape frame.[attachment=0:u502z3r0]_MG_7784.JPG[/attachment:u502z3r0] This is a photo that I took for assignment number 7 on lighting. Could you compare this photo with my original submission so that I can learn more about the subject matter in this lesson. Thank you again for your time.