Re: Re: Assignment 10

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello. Yes, you’ve done a wonderful job of this assignment. I’m glad you found it challenging, simply because this process is always challenging for photographers. Organizing chaos is no simple feat. Most photographers opt to shoot macro photography because the images are easier to control and simplify.

However, you’ll soon find you’re selling yourself short if you can’t express yourself creatively with a more realistic framing of your environment. You’ve progressed a long way from your first images to your later images. You now have much better control over your colors and the walls of your photograph are better composed.

Not only that but in this photograph you are clearly following the rule of thirds by placing your horizon line at the top 1/3 of the photograph. This gives your photography an informal balance and causes the photographs to look more interesting.

In this photograph you’ve simplified by not only limiting your objects, but also limiting the colors that fall within your frame. This photograph is predominantly blue, green and white. Color control and a good understanding of color theory are critical when it comes to setting a tone for your non-macro photographs. You’re definitely on the right path. Great job.

My only recommendation would be to consider using a UV filter for these long landscape shots. The reason being is that they can take out some of the atmospheric distortion that is caused by long distances between you and your main area of interest. Notice how as your photograph goes further back, the image becomes slightly less clear? Notice how the mountains in the foreground have more contrast then the mountains in the background? This can be altered slightly by using a UV filter. The way you have it isn’t wrong, but it’s worth experimenting with in order to see which look you like better.

Again, great work! I like seeing the improvement in you assignments.