Re: Re: Assignment #11

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work on this assignment.

With this assignment we hoped that your changes didn’t create an artificial feel to the photograph. We wanted you to experiment with the idea of believable changes. You’ve done a great job of that.

In fact, I’m surprised how clean you could maintain your photograph with such heavy color editing. Often when editing colors so dramatically, it’s hard to maintain the integrity of the gradients of colors. Often what happens is the colors become pixilated as they transition between gradients. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with your image at all. You seemed to have been able to maintain your photograph’s strong sense of texture and detail. Great work.

From a composition standpoint this image is also very strong. One of the primary design elements used (besides highly saturated colors and texture) is the strong use of lines.

In fact, it reminds me of a photographic version of a Rothko painting (with slightly more texture). There is a highly textured quality to the photograph and it’s enjoyable to explore the splashes of different colors throughout the wood.

The inclusion of the door hinge is also important. The hinge acts as a ‘stopper” giving your audience an object to rest on while they are not exploring the rest of the image. Otherwise, their eyes may simply wander into your composition and then wander out again quickly.

Great work on this assignment!