Re: Re: Assignment 11

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Rissa,

Thanks for sending in another assignment.

There is no doubt that you have created a superior image here with the editing that you have done.

First the photograph itself is quite nice but I want you to think about the subtext of the image. Here is what I took away form this image. There is a very peaceful and content look ont the young lady’s face. Its a look of freedom and contentment. The problem with this photograph is that she appears to be visually trapped by the surroundings. It’s sort of a paradox… It creates a sort of visual tension which I don’t think really works. The visual tension is better than nothing at all but in this case the woman’s expression just doesn’t match up. We’re quickly getting into the realm of subjectivity here so let’s get back to the editing.

If you wanted to create a more dramatic and edgy photograph you have certainly done that. But again adding more contrast and cranking up the saturation in this case makes the image more harsh and less soft if you will. This is also at odds with the expression on the woman’s face.

Do you understand this?

The main thing though is that your edited image is certainly more interesting than the non-edited image so you’ve done well with the assignment.

If you don’t understand what I mean here just let me know.