Re: Re: Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Welcome! Thanks for starting your lessons. I guess there was some confusion about activation here but it looks you are all set to go.

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Now let’s get on with the critique.

For anyone looking at this in the future here is the EXIF data for your after image.
[attachment=0:gvdgkabl]Chair 2 EXIF.png[/attachment:gvdgkabl]

Now you’ve made good attempt at this for sure but I don’t feel like you’ve really gone all out here. Your images are very much alike. In fact it could be said that it’s toss up as to which is better.

I’d like you to try this again. Try to think about different perspectives, angles, textures, patterns, and light.

That said the tones and the patterns here are nice and subtle. Nice job getting started here as well.

Go ahead and give this one another shot and post it as a reply here.