Re: Re: assignment 2 – inspiration

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Serrière!

This is a great piece! Do you actually live in Paris now?! I’m jealous! I LOVE Paris!!!

Here are some photographs I took in Paris recently:

I love this one:

Now, what’s the point?! Why do I get people to think about this?!

The goal is that if you can refine what inspires you and what interests your early on in learning photography your motivation will continue. I wish that someone had asked me to think about this in my early days as a photographer. I spent years just shooting and shooting but without thinking about why?!

I want you to continue to think about the WHY? Why do you care? Why should other people care about your images?

If you can keep this inspiration in your mind you will have more success getting farther along the road toward becoming a better photographer.

I really enjoyed reading your piece and I hope you are getting value from the course.

Are you on Twitter? Or Google Plus?

Thanks and see you on assignment 3!!