Re: Re: Assignment 3

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photographs. Both are not only strong in the technical elements that were required from you, but they are also strong in composition as well.

Your first image shows movement very well. The bus is shown to be in motion while the rest of the photograph remains crisp and still. Your second photograph shows depth by using a shallow depth of field and having your foreground flowers in focus while blurring out secondary background objects.

Let’s begin by discussing your shallow depth of field photograph. As stated above, you’ve done a terrific job of showcasing your technical abilities to achieve a shallow depth of field. But in this photograph you’ve done more than that. You’ve also incorporated an analogous color pallet which is easy on the viewers eyes. Working with a strong color pallet is a great way to help make your photographs stand out. The world of color around us is very chaotic and you’ve managed to find a great composition which simplifies the world of color. The green and yellow (because they are beside each other on the color wheel), act as harmonious colors when placed beside each other. They form a color gradient and almost bleed into one another. Analogous colors are less dramatic than complimentary colors, but they offer a more soothing feeling. They are more gentle and soft. You’ll learn more about this in you lesson on color theory, but I just wanted to bring it up so you were aware of this great element of your photograph.

Your first image, is also great, but I feel like the top and left side of the photograph could be a bit stronger. The shapes are very rectangular in this photograph. However, you have one half circle (in the arch above the doorway) that you’ve amputated with the upper left corner of your framing. I find this slightly distracting. I think it would have been better to leave it out completely or bring it in completely.

Other than that… great work! Beautiful photographs.