Re: Re: Assignment #3

Duncan Rawlinson

Great assignment!

For this assignment we asked that you show your understanding of the 2 most essential technical components of your camera and you’ve done a great job!

In your first image you’ve isolated the goats from the background by using a shallow depth of field. This has allowed you to draw your viewer’s attention to the foreground which is your primary focus.

My concern with this image is that you’ve amputated (i.e. cut off) essential parts of your foreground with multiple walls of your frame. For example, notice that you cut off the eye of the goat on the right side of the composition? I’m just not sure what the strategy was in your framing. If you wanted to focus your audience’s attention on the goats you need to make sure you frame them with that goal in mind. Eyes are an especially important part of an object and audiences find it distracting if they are missing or partially missing.

Your second image is also very strong. The colors, lighting and composition work really well together. Your framing is also much better in this image.

Overall, great work! I look forward to seeing your next assignment.