Re: Re: Assignment 3

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work with this assignment.

Both photographs are wonderful technical achievements. Let’s start by looking at the first photograph. A few design elements jump out at me immediately.

1. You’ve incorporated a great sense of depth
2. You’ve used a shallow depth of field which has helped you isolate your main area of interest
3. You’ve used a monochromatic, yet slightly textured background to help give color to your background without upstaging your foreground. Great simplification technique!
4. Your 4 walls are clear of any amputations.
5. The artistic doubling of the weight of each of your characters through their reflection. This helps break up and texturize the negative space of the reflective surface. Without these reflections, the surface would be flat and lifeless. Great work.

The only thing I would recommend you consider would be changing your position. Reflective surfaces (i.e. bald heads, glasses, plastic dolls etc), run the risk of reflecting the light source behind you. It seems as through there is a window behind you, which can be seen in the little man’s forehead (with the white mustache). If you moved your light source to your shoulder (90 degrees), the light source would then become a side light and you run less of a risk of having the light source bounce back at you through reflection. It’s not a big deal in this photograph, but just remember that when taking photographs of people with glasses or bald heads.

The next shot is also great. You’ve not only captured and frozen movement in the same shot, but you’ve also carried forward other design elements with help make this an interesting photograph. The strategic use of negative space, the minimal use of lines and the fact that the image abides by the rule of thirds make this another great image.

Looking forward to seeing your next assignment!