Re: Re: assignment 3

Duncan Rawlinson

These are great examples for showing your technical abilities with both your aperture setting and shutter speed setting. In these example you’ve frozen motion, exaggerated motion and isolated your main character from the background by using a shallow depth of field. Great job.

From a technical standpoint you’ve done a very good job. However, I need you to focus not only on the technical setting but also on the artistic delivery of the photograph. In these three photographs the composition could be improved in each one.

Your portrait is the best out of the three but even that photograph could use some experimenting with balance. Your balance in that photograph is very “formal” (i.e. centered and symmetrical) and I think it could benefit you to experiment with the rule of thirds in your photograph and forcing a more informal balance. It will make your work look more dramatic.

The same advice applies to your water photographs, but on top of that you also need to be aware of the 4 walls of your photographs. Amputation (cutting off part of objects with 1 or more of the walls of the photograph) is one of the biggest mistakes that new photographers make. Avoiding this problem requires that you don’t place all of your focus on the center of the frame (or the main object) but that you also play close attention to what’s happening within the periphery of the photograph. In the water fountain shot for example, notice you cut the bottom bowl of the fountain with the bottom frame of the photograph. All you need to do is reposition yourself or use your zoom to fix this.

Likewise, your tap photograph notice you cut off a water drop with the top wall of your photograph. Composition and especially managing the 4 walls of your photograph is your next step in taking your photographs to the next level.

Good luck with your next assignments!