Re: Re: Assignment 3

Duncan Rawlinson

These are two really good photographs. The photograph of the shell embodies exactly what was asked of you from this assignment. The shells in the foreground are in focus while the shells in the middle ground are slightly blurred. In the background of the image the shells don’t provide any context but instead act as a color continuation maintaining the color tone from the foreground. Great work.

Your second photograph also captures what was asked of you. The point was to show movement within a photograph. While most of your photograph is frozen, we see the different rates of speed of the objects by the amount of “blur”. The quad bike and rider are slightly blurred showing the quicker movement of this object compared to the others in the photograph.

The most impressive element of this photograph is that you’ve done a great job of keeping the rest of the images crisp and in focus. Everything from the bulls to the trees are in focus which helps isolate the movement of the bike.

The only recommendation I have for this photograph is that you’ve amputated part of the bike and rider with the tree in the middle-ground. I like the tree being there because it helps add depth to the photograph. However, the quad and rider share the “primary role” with the bull and therefore these two elements should be presented in a well organized manner.

You’ve done a great job with the bull, but the rider behind the tree is a little distracting. It would have been preferable if you framed your image slightly to the right and took the picture 1 second before. This would ensure the tree did not interfere with your rider and would have allowed you to include both the bull, the rider and the tree in the photograph without including any distracting “overlay” in terms of objects and layers.

Other than that, this is a great photograph! Keep up the good work.