Re: Re: assignment 4

Duncan Rawlinson

Great assignment.

This is my favourite submission from you so far. Your composition is very strong in this image. You’ve used a color palette consisting of 3 main colors in various gradients, a clear focus, a sense of depth and well frames edges. The lighting also helps draw out a lot of the texture in the flowers and the tree in the background. This helps add an element of 3 dimensionality to the photograph which makes it more pleasing to look at.

My only recommendation for you would be to experiment with using a foreground object. Up until this point you’ve used mainly just a middle ground and a background. Achieving a stronger sense of depth helps the viewer feel like they are “in” the photograph. It also helps add a more dramatic feel to a photograph. It’s not wrong what you’ve done, but I think you’ll be surprised with the new possibilities of using 3 different distances in 1 photograph.

One other thing I would like you to think about is having a “stopper”. Again, it’s not always necessary but it gives your viewer’s eye and object to rest on when it’s not exploring the rest of the photograph. Otherwise you risk the chance of your audience’s eyes entering the photograph and having no one object to rest on, their eyes will simply wander out of the photograph.

Other than that… great work!