Re: Re: Assignment 4

Duncan Rawlinson


Great photograph. You’ve done many things correctly with this photograph. For starters, from a technical standpoint you’ve accomplished what was asked from you for this assignment. The idea was to add an “effect” through the use of a filter. However, you’ve chosen to use an internal camera setting to create a similar effect that at color filter would create. That’s completely acceptable.

From a color composition standpoint, you’ve silhouetted your landscape and drawn out the brilliance in the oranges and reds in the sky. This simplifies the colors of the photograph to two easily identifiable sets of colors.

Similarly, your horizon line is located 1/3 of the way up the frame allowing for the more interesting sky to take up the majority of the photograph. This is another great composition decision.

Your exposure levels are great and you’ve done a great job of pulling out the textures in the clouds by underexposing the image. No areas in the clouds are either under or over exposed. Great work.

My only recommendation is that your image lacks a central focal point. The eye enters the landscape photograph but it has nowhere to rest. However, upon closer inspection I can see there is a helicopter in the foreground. It would have been interesting to give the helicopter a little more of a focus. This would have added a primary object to the photograph. However, it’s slightly too underexposed to play a role in the photograph.

Other than that you’ve done a great job!