Re: Re: Assignment 5

Claudia Samples

okay, I’m back with new Shots and they seem better focused.
I haven’t even thought of it until you mentioned that every lense has a minimum focus. 🙄
So I checked my Handbook and there it was…

I bought this Camera for Christmas and at that time I didn’t really plan to make more out of my hobby so I figured the Sony would do it’s Job but now I found myself irritated so many times, that’s why I’m going to buy the Canon EOS T3 next Month. I have done research and read this should be a great Camera for People that start out in serious Photography.

But anyway, the first Photo still seems a bit off but I had positioned the Camera as needed and adjusted the Manual Focus.
The Second one (single Flower) seems fairly good to me.
When i go in Macro mode it seems better but then I would not be able to use Manual Focus.
Also, I have yet to figure out how to get the whole Photo in Focus as it can be seen in the Example. (the yellow Flower)
So this Camera really doesn’t leave me much freedom but that’s gonna change soon!

If you think this still isn’t that great just let me know, I’m open minded and here to learn so i will still keep practicing with the Focus! 😉