Re: Re: assignment 5

Duncan Rawlinson

Again, you’ve done a great job with this assignment, but my comments on your Lesson 6 assignment still stand regarding becoming braver with larger scenes.

Your first photograph is predominantly made up for reds and yellows with nice blue accents. Your objects are repetitive in shape and therefore not only have you simplified the color palette of this photograph, but also you’ve simplified by using exclusively 1 shape.

The colors are highly saturated which gives the image a dramatic, almost loud feel.

Your second image is fully de-saturated and uses an array of grey tones. From a simplicity standpoint it works, but from a tonal range standpoint it’s not dramatic enough. Black and white photography (which you’ll learn about in an upcoming lecture), requires tonal range. This means you’ll need to “crunch” your blacks and have vibrant white highlights. You don’t need tonal balance, but that range is important.

Your black and white photograph is a little on the flat side. It’s made of varying gradients of grey, but lacks representation from the ends of the tonal range spectrum. Your tonal balance is limited to mid tones, which is generally avoided in black and white photography.

Other than that, great work!