Re: Re: Assignment 5 – Colour

Duncan Rawlinson

This is exactly what was asked for! Great work.

Let me begin by pointing out some of the highlights of this photograph. For starters your composition is great. I noticed that you’ve abided by the rule of thirds keeping your horizon line below the center. You also have very distinct textures in the ground which also enhance your composition as it relates to the rule of thirds. Secondly, your photographic balance is amazing. The three fireworks in the background act as a balance to the silhouette of the individual in the foreground. Not only that but the weight of the smoke in the air is not only dramatic but also informally balanced and contrasted with the simple black sky in the background.

The textures in this photograph is unforgettable. The smoke and the ground (which looks like a lake and a small waterfall) is breathtaking. Unfortunately the cheaper camera did have a hard time with the exposure of the darker areas of the photograph (as do most small chip cameras), but the image is spectacular nonetheless.

The image is complex enough to earn it the chance to have an audience admire it for a while, but simple enough to be precise and organized. Great work!