Re: Re: Assignment 5

Duncan Rawlinson

I found this photograph very interesting. My initial reaction was very positive and I immediately began engaging in this photograph. I was looking deep into it to see how it was taken. The colors, the effects, the composition and the simplicity all work together to create an interesting looking picture. It’s a very playful, almost “kid like” photograph. I agree that the simplicity and the darkness of the black background work very well with the contrast of the brilliant florescent colors. Especially the pink the green.

As far as what this assignment asked from you, you’ve done a great job. You’ve found a way to create a brilliant photograph by using color simplicity.

Based on your previous photographs and this photograph I think you need to really pay attention to the 4 wall of your photograph. You’ve cut off essential parts of your main object (i.e. the speedometer). One of the primary objects in your shot are the big green numbers indicating the speed. However, on the left hand side you cut off to the “0” and the “20”. This is slightly distracting to the eye because it looks unintentional. All you need to do is change your position or change your zoom to ensure that your 4 walls are properly composed and including the primary information.

I think if you could do that, you’re already great photographs would be spectacular.

All the best