Re: Re: assignment #6

Duncan Rawlinson

Wow! Very nice photograph.

I too really like the idea of incorporating a strong back light into this photograph. However, I would change 1 thing. I’m not sure I agree with the placement of the sun. The sun is very close to the center of the composition and I’m not drawn to the blown out area around the sun. I do think, however, that the sun, especially at that particular angle, holds a lot of potential.

I would have built on the idea of using the snow drift as a leading line by doing a few things.

1. First, move to the left and get lower. This would help you incorporate the snow drift as a stronger foreground element. This would force your composition to have a stronger sense of depth and the leading line would be more noticeable.

2. By moving to the left you could also reposition your sun. I would experiment with placing the sun behind your main object (the hut). The result would be a halo effect which would draw more attention to the hut and hide most of the blown out area of the sun. For example, look at this photograph:

Putting the sun behind your object could have helped you achieve this effect as well.

To learn more about why not to blow out your whites please read our blog post here:

This is a great image though. I just want to push you to experiment with lighting and object placement. Great work!