Re: Re: assignment 6

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a wonderful example of what this assignment asked for. You’ve challenged yourself by choosing an area with a lot going on. There are trees, planters, branches, buildings, sidewalks and the sky to name a handful of objects in this photograph.

You didn’t shy away from incorporating as much as possible and then working to simplify the picture from there. I hope you are starting to see and understand the idea that simplification doesn’t only apply to macro photography, like most students tend towards in their first assignment.

Simplifying complex landscapes is not an easy task, but it’s rewarding as a photographer because it’s so challenging and so few photographers can do it.

The most impressive feature of this photograph and a personal accomplishment for you is your great composition around the 4 walls of this picture. There is a bit of a window on the left side that is cut off, but I don’t find it particularly distracting, but it’s still worth mentioning just so you’re aware of it.

Secondly, as you pointed out, your use of lines in this photograph as a primary element is spectacular. You’ve actually used the rule of thirds in this photograph but you’ve managed to contrast that with a very balanced positioning of your objects and that creates a very dramatic and captivating look.

This is defiantly your best picture yet, because you’ve shown that you can organize chaos. It’s nice to break away from close up shots and apply your knowledge to shots like this. It’s not easy, but if done correctly the result can be quite interesting as can be seen in this shot of yours.