Re: Re: Assignment 7

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Rissa,

Thanks for sending in another assignment! I like that you’re photographing people. Keep doing that! More and more of that!

If you want some inspiration specifically on portraits look here.

Now for these two images specifically you’ve captured hard and soft light very well.

You’ll note how both environments present their own challenges. For example in your hard light example you can see just how white hot/blown out the young woman on the left is. We’ve lost almost all detail in her face.

You can usually sort this out by exposing properly or by using an nd filter or diffuser. Alternatively you can try something like this.

Now your soft light image is delightful. It often really helps to create a pleasant and relaxed feeling.

In fact your subjects poses are both fitting for both light scenarios. So if that was done on purposes than good on you! If that was luck, well you can learn from it!

Here is some more info on this.

Good job on this one Rissa!

High five!