Re: Re: Assignment #7 – Hard Light vs. Soft Light


Thank you for your critique, Duncan.

I actually hated D3000 😕 It was a slow, noisy camera with focus problems. No wonder Nikon discontinued this model a year after it came out. It was virtually impossible to operate this camera at ISO lower than 800, even in a day light; therefore, to get anything relatively good out of it I had to keep it on Auto ISO. That’s why the photograph of the girl is so grainy. I, too, like very much colors of this photo. It was taken on my trip to Jamaica, and to me, this photo pretty much summarizes the color scheme of the whole country – everything is panted in vibrantly bright colors and the skin tone of people who live there is amazingly beautiful.

Well now, I got my hands on Nikon D90, which makes me a much happier amateur photographer 😀
Photo of the dog is made with D90. And no, this is not my dog, this is my dog’s BF 🙂

I rarely crop my photos and I know for a fact that at least photo of the dog wasn’t cropped at all. I cropped the other photo just a little only because once I viewed it on my computer screen I realized that vertical lines were a bit crooked. So it was more of a straightening than cropping.

Again, thank you so much for such a detailed critique. I’m looking forward to continuing this course.