Re: Re: Assignment 8

Duncan Rawlinson

Beautiful work on this assignment.

You’ve done a great job both from a creative and technical standpoint. When I look at this image I immediately associate the red dots with the marks left by the back heel of the shoe. As the dots trail off into the distance the shoes are left on the ground.

Your focus is incredibly sharp which helps make the shoes “pop” out of the composition. I also like the color palette of black, gold and red. It’s elegant, passionate, romantic and bold. I love it.

I’m also thrilled to see you start to experiment with reflection. If you decided to use a black background with no reflective qualities this image would have been less cohesive. All of the other objects in the shot have reflective (or glossy) qualities. If your background was matte, this design trend would have been broken. Not only that, but the reflective quality of the background also helps add a gentle touch of reflection which helps not only increase the “weight” of your primary objects, but also helps add texture to the black background, which otherwise (especially if the background was matte) may have appeared more like “dead space”. This gives the audience an additional secondary design element to explore.

The balance, the texture, the depth, the cohesion, the framing (edges), the leading line, the colors… it all works together to create a great photograph. Wonderful work on this assignment! You’ve made great progression from your first assignment up until this assignment. It’s nice to see!