Re: Re: Assignment 8 – Suicidal

Duncan Rawlinson

Ok first things first.

Which URL are you using to access the student workspace? Login here: and it will redirect you to

If you aren’t able to login there be sure to empty you browser cache and cookies. If that still doesn’t work visit:

Now onto your assignment! Stylistically I like the blurred image of the lady on the staircase that shows really nice movement although I’d like to see her face. Also if the theme is “suicide” it’s not exactly that obvious through the individual images.

I think a combination of the two images with the blur and the face of the subject would have been ideal.

I also like the lines and the structure of the frame although I’m not sure about the blown out window in the frame. The leading lines in this image are so strong that they almost overpower everything else. The almost distort the photo in a strange way.

Take note of the color of both of these images they appear to be slightly too warm/yellow as a result of the white balance.

Another idea would have been to add your subject twice into the frame one at the bottom and one at the top to create a surreal image of opposing ideas. One side saying no one side saying yes. Just a crazy idea…

Overall you’ve done really well here and you have completed the assignment.

I like your composition and your idea for this shot.

See you on the next assignment.

Good job!