Re: Re: Assignment 9

Duncan Rawlinson

Another great job on this assignment. You’ve been asked to find a photograph with wide tonal range and you’ve done that very well. Some of the bright whites are found in the man’s hat and some of the darkest tones are found in the roofing of the structure.

That being said, I feel the predominance of greys flattens the image slightly. Black and white photography can be dramatized by including lopsided tonal balance. For example, small areas of bright white and larger areas of dark black. It’s hard to differentiate between different greys. Not only that, but many of the greys bleed into one another. Sometimes these images make great color photographs, but when stripped down to nothing more than tones, they loose their brilliance. There is, without question, possibility within this setting, it’s just knowing where to position yourself in order to capture it. It’s a huge experiment in light and shadow.

Your eyes normally don’t see that way, so it’s hard to adjust to see in tones. You’re on the right track, but I think you can push the boundaries of your black and white photography even further. Remember, don’t only look for tonal range, look at large amounts of bright whites or large amounts of dark black with a peppering of white.

Great photography though!