Re: Re: Assignment #9

Duncan Rawlinson


This is exactly what was asked of you for this assignment. Your first image includes a broad range of tones but most importantly you’ve managed to find very dark tones and very light tones in the same frame.

However, not only have you found a black and white photograph with great tonal range, but you’ve also managed to fit in other strong compositional elements as well. For example, there is a strong atmospheric quality to this photograph due to the dust or smoke in the air.

Similarly, you’ve managed to incorporate line and shape into the composition with your strong foreground object.

Most impressively however, is the images sense of story. There is a chaos to the scene that you’ve captured very nicely. It’s not clear what the chaos is about, but the image captures the human response to the aftermath of the wreckage.

You second image possesses the same story telling qualities. The lone boy walking along an largely abandoned beach brings to mind ideas of solitude and thought.

The composition is very strong, with the shore acting as a leading line helping to draw the viewer’s eyes into the frame. The curve line of the shore helps us see the potential path of the boy as he walks up the beach. You’ve also done an amazing job of exaggerating the lighter tones of this photograph to ensure it’s a predominantly high key photograph with dark highlights.

Wonderful work!