Re: Re: Assignment Five

Duncan Rawlinson


Beautiful assignment. This is undoubtedly your strongest assignment so far both from a composition and artistic standpoint.

Interestingly enough you’ve chosen another profile shot of a plant, which I criticized on your last assignment because I stated “it stripped your photograph of depth”. However in this case, because you have properly used lighting and your plant is better suited to your position (due to the various shapes and angles of the flower petals). Therefore, in this case I think the profile shot worked incredibly well this time because you’ve maintained a sense of depth.

You’ve done a lot of great things with this photograph. For starters, you’ve used a limited color pallet of pink and black to help isolate your main subject. Your image is incredibly crisp and the soft yet vibrant colors of the light pink really jump out against the dark black background.

The most impressive feature of this photograph however, is your lighting. The angular lighting really helped add the element of 3 dimensionality to this photograph. It provided subtle to not so subtle shadows that helped bring the photograph to light.

What I also love is how you can see little sparkles in the water drops. That little sparkle, combined with the shadows of the water drops also helps draw more attention to this element of the photograph.

On a similar note, the directional lighting helped expose the texture of the flower petals. When I enlarge this image I get the sense that I can feel the flower.

Beautiful photograph! Great work.