Re: Re: assignment5

Duncan Rawlinson

Beautiful and dramatic image. I loved how the colors really popped off of the page. The purple, yellow and green combination, especially at such high saturation levels, really gives this photograph a vibrant and lively feel to it. The green and the yellow give the photograph a very earthy feel and the purple (positioned perfectly along the intersection points of the rule of thirds), gives the photograph the dramatic pop that makes it so interesting.

Another technical achievement of this photograph was its focus. You’ve isolated your main object by slightly blurring the background (without getting rid of the context). This allows you to communicate your scene to your audience in a way that closely mimics the way the human eye would see the image. This is a very visually pleasing effect.

The composition is wonderful, clean and well organized. You’ve also managed to use light to the best of your abilities. The lighting really pulls out the texture in this scene. On a similar note, the shadows creates by the directional lighting help create a very noticeable tonal imbalance in the image. The darks in the shadows of the flower petals (especially in the purple flower), are in stark contrast to the brighter tones in the yellow flower. Incorporating a wide tonal range is something that is beneficial in dramatic black and white photography, but it has also found a very important role in this photograph as well.

The only concern I have with the image is the right side of the frame slightly cut off the smallest fraction of the purple flower. I would have changed the positioning just to include 100% of the flower. It’s a minor detail, but it make a difference nonetheless.

Keep up the great work!