Re: Re: Beast and Beauty


Hi “Teacher”,

Thanks for your comments. I order not to take too much of your time, I just want to ask something. I have a tendency to really like out of focus photos. I actually choose this one as “the beauty photo” because it was out of focus. SInce I have this preference – my eye simply finds pleasure in looking at blurriness – how do I work with it? I don’t think it would be as intersting a photo if it was in focus. I realise I always need to have at least one thing to focus on technically but artically as well? Maybe you can refer to some photographers working with out of focus – if at all? Maybe it is just a beginners-darling?

I’ll keep working with this and I am sure I’ll find a way, but I am sure some of your thoughts on my question is helpful as well.

I will keep experimenting. thanks,