Re: Re: Beast to beauty

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a very interesting assignment.

I found this assignment particularly hard to review because there are actually strong compositional elements and pitfalls to each photograph. What I mean by this is that I don’t actually think your image of the “beast” is actually all that bad.

Your “beast” photograph consists of many strong compositional elements. You have a limited and dramatic color palette with a strong tonal variance. You also use symmetry and balance as a strong photographic element. Lastly, you’ve limited the number of objects in your frame to help you isolate your main area of interest.

All of these things also exist in your “beauty” photograph, but in this photograph you’ve chosen to move in and capture a macro photograph. This is a very common tendency for photographers to do. Framing smaller areas help you better control objects, light, color and so on. That being said, you’ll soon feel limited by macro photograph and you’ll want to start applying them to wider scenes. That is why I liked your “beast” photograph. For my it symbolized that you could accomplish composition control over a slightly wider space. This will become increasingly important as you progress through the course.

My main concern with your “beauty” photograph is that you amputated (cut off) part your main subject with the bottom frame of your photograph. Pay special attention to the 4 walls of your photograph. It’s one of the most common mistakes photographs make.

Overall, great assignment. Keep up the good work!