Re: Re: Beauty and the Beast – Assignment 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Beautiful assignment.

Let’s start by looking at what you’ve done to bring your “beast” composition into a “beauty” composition.

Most noticeably is the decision to limit both your object and color palette. Rather than working with brick walls, windows, flowers, plastic bottles, wall ornaments and so on, you’ve limited your focus to 1 message: a flower.

On a similar note you’ve limited your color palette to purples and greens. This further helps you isolate your object and message.

The framing in your “beauty” image is also great. Instead of having a cluttered and clumsy composition you’ve used negative space and 4 walls clear of any amputation (ie. cutting off of secondary objects)

I love the lighting of the flower, but I would love to see you start to experiment with lighting in close up and controllable situations like this. The flower has a lot of texture in it that you brought out naturally but when you’re working this close it’s nice to experiment with different lighting intensities, directions and colors.

Watch the following lighting tutorials for filmmakers. Even though the tutorials are meant for video, the applications are the same for photography. Side lighting or back lighting (or a combination of both) generally make flower photography breathtaking.

Lighting tutorial

Color temperature

Overall, great work!