Re: Re: Black and White

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delay in critiquing this one. I’m a little confused by the over exposed image. You’re saying that you like the overexposed look of it?

This is the point where my entirely subjective and biased opinion might get in the way! 😉

I don’t like the look of the over-exposed image. I can see that it has an interesting look to it but I much prefer your other image, the properly exposed one.

Over exposed images can be nice but I think yours goes so far into being over exposed that you lose out.

Here are a couple over exposed images that I think kind of work:

OE soccer by melody.gates, on Flickr

Day 283 / 365 – Skills by xJasonRogersx, on Flickr

Day 290 / 265 – In search of a title ( emo background ) by xJasonRogersx, on Flickr

When the whole frame is over-exposed it just doesn’t work… I think you get the idea.

Now, your bridge photo is certainly your strongest image to date.

It’s razor sharp and the entire frame is in focus which is exactly what you want on a landscape photograph like this.

I’m very proud that you have shot this photograph.

There are only a few tweeks you could try to improve it. For instance there is cramped headroom on the top right of the frame.

Also, you could shoot a slower shutter speed to flatten the water and smooth it right out. Like this.

Water movement by atomicpuppy68, on Flickr

Or like this:

Santa Tecla – Smokey water [DRI] by [ciccioetneo], on Flickr

Overall this is a very nice image Paul! You’ve come a long way since you started the course. Excellent work mate!