Re: Re: black and white

Duncan Rawlinson

Both of these images are great and you’ve captured what was asked from you for this assignment.

The composition of both images is strong and you’ve corrected many technical mistakes from your previous assignments. You have a great sense of depth, a strong and wide tonal range, your focus is clear and you’ve cleaned up your photograph’s 4 walls nicely.

My main concern with these images is a technical one. Although your tonal range is good, I think you could still “crunch” your blacks a little more to help make them deeper and more dramatic. You could also increase your whites a bit to help make them pop off the page a little more.

The best way to do this is to look for things with a wide tonal range in your natural environment. If that’s not possible however, you can always play with 2 tools in your photo editing suite.

1. Gamma correction (to help you push just your blacks further down and make them deep and rich)

2. The Curves tool which helps you isolate a particular tone in the tonal spectrum and increase or decrease it.

Other than that, this is a great photograph. Keep up the great work!