Re: Re: B&W Exhibition

Duncan Rawlinson

I’m really enjoying seeing the progress in your work.

This series of black and white photographs are great. The assignment asked that you upload two different phonographs so I’m going to review the first two because those are your two strongest photographs out of the series.

The first image is spectacular. The photographs use a low key tonal template to keep the image dark. However, even though you’ve used deep blacks in your composition you’ve still manged to find the tones on the extreme other end of the tonal spectrum. Your whites are also spectacular in this image and really jumps out of the composition. Strangely enough you’ve also managed to find a few gray tones in the middle of the color spectrum (the grass). This helps add a bit of texture to your photograph and break up the extreme black and extreme white color palette.

It’s unusual to find a photograph with such a dramatic tonal range. Most black and white photographs consist predominantly of gray tones, so it’s nice to see you’ve found this particular environment which made this photograph possible.

Your second image is also very strong. You’ve included more gray tones, but the image still pushes the tonal spectrum towards bright whites and dark blacks. However, this photograph uses repetition to create a strong sense of pattern. However, the composition is asymmetrical enough to keep the framing interesting and dramatic. I’m also really drawn towards the strong sense of laying in this image. Your foreground stands out from your background which provides the illusion of depth and makes your audience feel like they are there with you.

Great work on this series of photographs!