Re: Re: B&W

Duncan Rawlinson

The assignment:

This will be an assignment which will challenge you as a black and white photographer. For this assignment create a black and white photograph with the following characteristics

1. A wide tonal range
2. An uneven tonal balance which is unevenly slanted towards the black end of the spectrum making the photograph appear low key (dark).

You can have gray tones as well but the majority of your picture should be black tones with small amounts of white highlights.

First and foremost this is a lovely image. It has a very haunting feel to it. The image made me think about what happens behind that door in a horror movie kind of way. It’s quite moody and I like it.

You’ve surely completed the assignment as this image has both a wide tonal range and the tones are slanted toward the blacks.

You’ve even managed the a few small white highlights.

My question to you would be is this how you shot it or have you modified this image in photoshop to suit the requirements of assignment?! 😉

I hope this was done in camera…

A few things I’ve noted that I don’t like about the image are as follows:


1: I’m not sure what value the window at the top of this image adds to the photograph. Perhaps framing the image such that there was no window or very little window would have improved the image.

2: There is an element in the top right of the frame that is also distracting and probably should have been cropped out in camera.

3: The white spots are right on the edge of being blown out and in most cases that’s bad. For this assignment it works quite well.

One other suggestion would be to put a black border around the image and see how that makes it look.

This is an outstanding photo and you’re doing very well.

We can’t wait to see what you shoot next and we hope our critique was useful.