Duncan Rawlinson

This is a great shot John. Once again, your composition and color control are incredibly well done and framed. The green and white work very well together and the lines in the hills in the backgrounds create some interesting shapes to help add a dramatic element. As discussed in the lecture notes, the shape of a triangle is particularly appealing to photography audiences. Finding these angles however, can be difficult as much design uses vertical or horizontal lines.

However, you can create triangular angles by changing your camera position or finding objects (either natural or man made) that include diagonal lines. In this case I can see very clear diagonal lines in the hills above the church. The water line of the river acts as the bottom line of the triangle and the corner of the triangle can be found in your bottom right corner. The trees on the hill are positioned in such a way to help exaggerate diagonal line. Obviously, these are things that you can’t create or reposition, but finding them in nature can often be difficult because we’re not used to seeing larger patterns or shapes in a group of objects (i.e. the shapes caused by the combination of hills, river shores, tree lines etc).

The only thing I might have changed with this photograph is taking the glare off the water with a polarizing lens. I would have made the water look greener and help it fit into your overall photographic design. Again, this is just a suggestion. They way you have it is not wrong.

Great work!