Re: Re: Chapter 6

Duncan Rawlinson

Wow. One great photography followed by another. There is actually quite a lot of complexity in this picture and it uses various elements to help create its overall pleasing visual effect.

For starters, the photograph abides by the rule of thirds, with the large bright sun in the upper right corner of the photograph. It also uses color simplicity to help arrange the chaos of nature. Most importantly however, it uses shape and pattern to create a harmonious and interesting look. The tree trunk coming up from the left corner of the photograph provides a “road” for the viewers eye to enter the picture and provides a sense of depth of the photograph. It also creates a sense of informal balance. The left side of the picture is “heavier” than the right side and that creates a dramatic look to the photograph.

Then there is the pattern in the other branches and the light which is causing there to be an interesting and soothing atmosphere to the leaves.

Great work!