Re: Re: color theory

Duncan Rawlinson

You’re certainly getting the hang of it.

I’m glad you decided to keep learning and you didn’t quit.

Now your first image fits the profile for this assignment but I want you to consider this. Why is it interesting? Why should I care?! Make me care!! 😉

I don’t want to be rude but seriously, I want your photos to be more interesting. I want you to be a better photographer!

Think about it like this. Would you print this photo? Would someone buy this photo from you and put it on their wall?

Think about this when you are doing your photography.

Your first photo is slightly crooked. Keep your photos straight unless there is a reason for them not to be straight. Meaning make them crooked on purpose to emphasize a point.

Your second photo is a little more like it.

A feather is more interesting than concrete!

Unfortunately it’s slightly out of focus. This might have been because it was relatively low light. In that case you can change your shutter speed and or ISO or use a tripod. Tripods are almost always a good idea because you can shoot photos that would otherwise be blurry because the shutter speed is so slow that your hands would shake/move.

You have the right idea here by shooting at this time of day in that things will certainly look better and you’ve completed the assignment but I want you to push to the next level.

Work harder. I know you can do it.

Challenge yourself to keep shooting, keep practicing.

Keep up the good work.

I’m proud of your work so far.

there is photo contest coming up on the site:

You should submit a photo for it. You might just win something 😉