Re: Re: Dorothea Lange

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Kris,

Thanks for submitting your assignment.

Assignment number 2 is all about inspiration. Who inspired you and whay? This assignment is highly subjective and there is no right or wrong assignments. The point of the assignment was to get you try and focus on what are of photography interests you.

In your case you’ve chosen the great Dorothea Lange as inspiration for this essay.

The “migrant mother” is an iconic image and you’ve described why it’s important to you in great detail.

For other students reading this we recommend you take a look at this photograph. We can all aspire to such greatness in photography.

We encourage you to learn as much as you’d like about individual photographers, but keep in mind you don’t want to spend your life on the internet or in the library researching them. We could all use a little less “online” time and more out in the field shooting time…

Great assignment Kris and as always we look forward to seeing your progress through the course.