Re: Re: Dramatic Effects

Duncan Rawlinson

Ah yes. I now know what you we’re trying to achieve.

What you’ve done here is far superior.

This technique of isolating colors is one of the great creative things you can do with photoshop. For the most part I find that people get way out of control with photoshop and they do crazy things.

This technique is more subtle and serves to isolate your most important element, in this case the young girl.

I’m glad that you’ve gotten into a little bit of post processing. You have certainly created a dramatic effect here.

What’s important here is that you have fun and you actually improve the overall images you shoot. If you overdo it you will detract from the original photograph.

One more thing to remember here is to never work on your original files. Also make copies and work on the copies. That way you can always go back to the originals.

Given I’m not a photoshop guru and that’s not what this course is really about we won’t dwell on this topic.

Just know if you have any post processing or photoshop questions there are very many photoshop tutorials online. Especially on youtube!

See you on the next lesson.