Re: Re: fan

Duncan Rawlinson

There is no doubt that a fan is a relatively boring object.

For your first assignment this is a good effort.

The goal of this assignment is to get you to think about how to make ordinary objects look more interesting by simply photographing them in a non traditional fashion.

First things first.

If you want to take your photography seriously you’ll want to remove the timestamp from your images.

Including a timestamp in the actual photo itself is a form of destructive editing. You will never be able to see what’s behind the timestamp and worse, you’ll never be able to remove it fully.

Treat your digital photos like film negatives. You want to protect them and avoid damaging them just as you would a traditional negative. With that in mind you want to always do non-destructive editing and shooting.

Also, when you have a timestamp we can tell that you rotated the image in photoshop after the fact so -1 for that 😉

Other than that, this is a good first attempt!

Keep on going through the course modules and you’ll surely see an improvement in your images.