Re: Re: Filters


Hello and thank you for submitting this assignment.

The intention of this assignment was to allow you the opportunity to play and experiment with filters. You’ve mentioned you’ve used a “light filter” which by definition absorbs only selective colors of the spectrum.

Because you’ve decided to shoot directly into the sun for this photograph another good filter option would have been a gray grad filter. One of the technical issues with your photographs (although both are wonderfully composed) is that all digital cameras (you’re included) have a difficult time handling dynamic range. The sun will undoubtedly be the lightest “tone” in your composition and properly exposing to such a vibrant light source will have a negative impact on the grey and black tones of the photograph. The consequence is generally the slight underexposure of the foreground.

By using a grey grad filter you can lower your exposure of the sky without having to underexpose your foreground. Gray grad filters are a great way to help you control and balance your exposure.

For example, look at the image below

The first image is properly exposed for the sky which is why the foreground is underexposed. The second image is exposed for the foreground which is why the sky is overexposed. The last image uses a grey grad filter to expose both properly.

Make sense?

The compositions are great. You have a great sense of balance and color control. I also like seeing how you’re being brave with the amount of space you’re composing.

Great work!