Re: Re: Landscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Ok so WOW! These are great.

The snowcapped peaks image is stunning!

You are showing signs of greatness here. There are just a few minor technical tweaks to improve on these.

First if you want to take serious landscape photographs and take your photography beyond a hobby you will need to shoot landscapes with your best camera.

In this case I think you have a DSLR and a point and shoot. Always shoot landscapes with your highest fidelity camera and ideally on a tripod with maximum depth of field. The reason being is that landscape photographs look great on large prints. Your point and shoot camera has produced lots of artifacts and noise even at these lowish isos.

So next time you see these wonderful landscapes and color palettes be there with a higher quality image capturing device! Resolution matters if you want your images to last the test of time.

The weird thing is often the best landscape images are the most inaccesible place and carrying your big tripod and big camera can be a challenge but you will never regret it later.

Other than that I really like these two images and you have certainly nailed your landscapes! The composition on the image with the windmill is a little sloppy though. Be careful and keep them tight! That little piece of trash in the lower left and the whole reddish area in the lower right don’t really worth. Otherwise it’s nice!

Also, I was just in Las Cruces recently. We stayed at City of Rocks State Park. There are some nice images to be had there at magic hour!

Do you live around here?

Nice job “kidd”!

Have you added me on FB yet? This is me:

Thanks and nice job here!