Re: Re: Landscapes

Duncan Rawlinson

You seem to have a natural ability to control your color palette. You’ve composed these two images using gradients of black and orange as your color palette. However, as in your previous photographs you’ve managed to balance the demands of organization and simplification with the need to keep the photograph interesting enough to keep the audience engaged. Great work!

The vertical photograph lends itself well to this setting. It allows you to fully capture the reflection in the water. The horizontal photograph is also strong, but I feel that you’ve cut yourself short on the bottom of the composition because the reflection is such an interesting part of the composition and you’ve cut it off with the bottom frame of the image.

I also like the second image because it has less amputation on the top and bottom walls of the photograph while the first photograph has amputation on all 4 walls. The amputations aren’t bad, but I feel that the vertical photograph just lends itself better to a strong composition.

Stunning photographs! You’re lucky to be in such a nice environment!