Re: Re: Lesson 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Diana,

Welcome to our community.

Thanks for submitting your first assignment. Your first few images are quite nice given the task. Spoons and cutlery is boring and yet you’ve managed to make them look interesting through photography so you’ve done very well. You’ve either taken lots of photos in the past and you’ve got some experience or you got lucky and took some nice images. Or you’ve got the ‘eye’ for photography. Or all of the above!

There are a whole host of things that you’ve done right here. Your use of lines, color (or lack of color), patterns, and texture is really great. Not to mention the simplicity of the images is quite nice. Also getting close (as you did here) is also great. It would be great if you could continue to use these fundamentals throughout the course.

Continue to use the lines, the color, the patterns, the textures, and the getting close going forward.

It’s great that you’ve taken concrete steps to improve your photography.

See you on assignment 2.